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There is a conforming leaf cap and in-cut center, and an ebonized handle.

Its only “hallmark,” as shown, is the words “Sterling Silver.” It is unusual for 19th-century Indian silver to be so marked.

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Grish Chunder Dutt was the finest silversmith in Calcutta.

This charming sweetmeats bowl, in the Calcutta style, depicts a village scene of a farmer harvesting the crops in his field.

A Rare Anglo-Indian Silver Garniture Figure in the Form of a Caparisoned Elephant, ca. Within the casket is the original watercolor-and-calligraphy commemorative scroll, the artwork for which is signed “Mich.

1810, Hamilton & Co., Calcutta, established 1808 under license from the East India Company; the elephant depicted with mahout and a howdah fitted as salt cellar with gilt interior, engraved “PRESENTED TO THE MESS/ of the 7th Madras Light Cavalry/ by/ Lieut. Bocarro, Bombay.”A Calcutta-style silver teacup, saucer, and teaspoon intricately decorated in regional designs: figures that are farming, collecting water from a stream, drawing water from a well.

In the background can be seen his hut, some palm trees, other foliage, and animals.

Though it has a cartouche for for a monogram, it has never been engraved.See similar silver teacup, saucer by Oomersi Mawji, in Kutch section of this blog.Neither set has any insulator in the cup handle, thus making the cup impossible to hold when filled with a hot beverage.A bowl with much of the coriander-leaf pattern for which Kutch was known, but with a departure from Kutch style in the Calcutta-style foliage and ogee-shaped, medallion-framed scenes of havelis and shrines.This double-ended spirits measure is of Calcutta origin.The cup has one atypical Calcutta design, a sailboat, and also depicts different animals, such as lions and buffaloes, set against palm trees, foliage, and structures.