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founding Confi^nce upon Deceit, and abu6ng the good Faith of thofe who trufted in us^ Hence Hypocrify (Mi one Sidc^ ^ foon as it was diicov€ir*d, begot Hatred on thie other, avtd falfe Friend(b)p ended in finccre Enmity : A Vioknce was done to a( Cf ndi Cr Point of Morality, and the Reputation of him who did it, loft and expos d amongfl: thofe who thought he had the moft.; He was fo oen^r and exa^ in hk £}ieat^ ing» with, all Sorts of Men» th^ he us'd to lay his Meaning and Purpofes minutely before i!Ff iend j which he was (atisfied, a private Man coiild not be to ifiiiiny at once, in.Cafes of Exig^ttcyraicid Trial Btefides» lie had found mvch Baieilefs; r&om fiari Ca Friends^, who foe hifi l^ft Ofioe Si made hif9 vile i^cwroj.Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.Patience in the Bufiriefs of ari Appointment, would fail yotr in a Bufi- nels of Property j that one who promised at Random, and mifled you \Yiihout an Intcniion to miffead you, v^s a triflini IVIan, and wanted Honefty though he ha( no Treachery i as he who did it with De- fign was a Knave i thai from what Caufc focver they deceived you, the Deceit waf the fame, and both were equally to be di- ftroftcd i that Funftuality or Remifsneft, Sincerity or Perfidioufnefs, runs, general- ty^ through the Whole of a Man's Life and Aftions, and you • need only bblervc Ji!s Behaviour in one or two, to know his Behaviour in all ^ and a negligent Man, vrhen he is neglcfted, has no Reafon to complain , no more than a ialfe Manr when he is hated. .K prodigious, Cleariieis/and ,cou Jd defcribe tnem N ix The PREFACE; tlicm with prodigious Forc6.From a perfe^ Stranger to him, and vrithom any other Re- conunenj Iffipnihi A a .cafaatj Cb Ote-'liotife Acquaint anee^ and; his t Mrng Dodi Opmb CMd, betookitee imo bis Bamur tod Care^ ^nd hitoasbigh a Degree of In«bsiacv s^ ever was fltewo hyone Mm to arioc Wr..This was tbic moci r and llm n^ec pixifeis'di a, Fxiendst ihip without a finccre Intention to be a.Ily S obferv'd (he fariic fcvcrc Ptinauality irt every other Engagement of his, knd had a very ill Opinion of f^ch as di4 QOt make every Proniife of every kind a Matter of Morality and Honour : He confider'd i U[3Ln*s Behaviour in fmaller Matters, as a Specimen of \i^hat he would do in Mat* ters that were greater i and that a Princi- ple of Faithfuliiefs, Of the want of iti would fhew Ir (elf in .