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Caihua Xiaoge, or Guess My Sketch, is Google's first We Chat mini program.

Mini programs are apps that users can install directly within We Chat, instead of having to use Google Play or Apple's App Store.

Some victims have been extremely distressed following this realisation, with tragic consequences.

In another type of webcam-based scam, malware installed on your computer can be used to operate your built-in webcam, recording images of you without your knowledge. Stay Smart Online offers a guide to safe social networking, as well as some useful insights into real life scams - online dating.

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Google's own app store, Google Play, is officially banned in China, as are services such as search, Gmail, You Tube and Maps.

The few Google apps that do work - including Google Translate and file management app Files Go - are only available on third-party app stores run by Chinese smartphone makers like Huawei and Xiaomi.

This malware is known as a Remote Access Trojan or RAT and can remotely activate your webcam, at the same time, disabling your camera indicator light. The information provided here is of a general nature. If you require specific advice you should contact your local technical support provider.

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The scammer may pretend to be an attractive, potential partner and strike up an online relationship with you.