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eeping up a weblog this semester has proved an interesting, and in some respects a challenging, experience.

While I had a Livejournal account prior to creating Virtuosity, I use it for other purposes (posting fanfiction, as an example) and so the nature and level of activity differs greatly between the two.

On the other hand, if not for the unit I may not have found some of the interesting links I did while blogging.

I find the comparison between blogs and paper journals somewhat problematic because blogs are, I think, a much more complicated medium, allowing for a far broader scope of activity.

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Entries in a blog will also sometimes link and refer to posts in other blogs.

Traditional journals, by contrast, are often only intended to be viewed by one, or perhaps a handful, of people, and there is only limited possibility if any at all to interact with a given diary and its author (as the diary’s author).

They can be personal diaries, they can even be shared diaries, and that is the sort of approach that many people take (and it’s also the approach that many non-bloggers assume is the standard or only way of blogging).