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The leather comes out at the end preserved and durable, but still supple and breathable with its protein structure intact which allows us shoemakers to do our work.Under the right conditions, leather tanned like this can last for centuries.

Sometimes you get a commission which you think, hmmm, not sure how this is going to turn out, but that when it is finished, you absolutely fall in love with. Chocolate brown lizard skin with natural whip snake slip beading (piping).Square waist, 3/8" sole, 5" high, natural finish throughout. We get asked about what leather we use for what bits of the shoes. Insoles are the foundation of a strong hand welted shoe.Once I get my PS3 fixed I will upload my roster to my PSN: "kingrosters".The full list of moves included in this week’s update can be found over on the official Madden NFL site.Madden NFL 11 was the number one selling game in the US for the month of August, moving over 1.8 million units combined on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Bakers are the last tanners in England who use the traditional oak bark method.

Oak bark is full of tannin (which is the stuff in tea which makes it dark).

This is the shoulder area of an adult cow, across the shoulder from top of leg to top of leg, without the neck.

As you can see, they are huge and it is staggering how much surface area a cow hide covers.

Hence tanning, which is the process of preserving the hide.