Cancun dating

Due to the special nature of the Pre-Registration packages, cancellations will not be possible.

Any enquiries regarding further information or emergency protocol should be directed to the embassy of one’s home country in Mexico.

We recommend that each participant contact his or her embassy to inform them of the details of their trip abroad prior to arriving in Mexico.

Nevertheless, security measures will be in place at the AIPPI World Congress in Cancun to ensure the comfort of all participants.

However, the personal safety of Congress attendees, both within designated Congress areas (such as the Cancun International Convention Center or the Hotel Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun) and outside of these areas is each individual’s own responsibility.

We are happy to announce a partnering arrangement between LESI’s Young Members Congress (September 21-22) and AIPPI’s World Congress (September 23-26) in Cancun this year.

Young Members (age 36 and under) from each organization will be able to benefit from the two Congresses being held back-to-back in Cancun... All In-house and Industry members attending the Cancun congress are invited to join the In-House Bureau Advisory Committee (IHC) members for this meeting.

Relevant details are available upon completion of registration.

Please be informed that when paying by bank transfer, the total registration amount must be received by AIPPI within 15 days of submitting the application for registration.

This transfer will be possible ONLY until July 12, 2018.

After this date, no changes to Pre-Registration packages will be permitted.

When registering, individuals may select the option to withhold personal details from the published list.