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Machines rebuilt by NCR were returned to “as new” condition, and likewise got new serial numbers.

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The bottom number, 312, is the model number that describes the register. Once you have the serial number, look it up on the Dates of Manufacture (New Equipment) Chart A .

The serial number of the machine in the photograph falls between 1,370,000 and 1,470,000, which means it was made in 1914.

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The first step is determining the serial number of your machine.

On most machines, this number is located on a small plate located just below the indicators on the front of the machine.

The pin for this register is shown in photo 4 circled in red.

Lift this pin and pull the drawer out of the register, you can now turn the drawer over and look for a label!

The serial number on the machine is always considered more accurate for dating the age of a register.

As long as your register is functional, removing the drawer is easy. With the drawer pulled all the way out, feel along the back wall of the drawer until you locate the release pin–this is usually on the right hand side and about 1/8″ in diameter.

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