Celestial dating guidelines

The IAU has been the arbiter of planetary and satellite nomenclature since its inception in 1919.The various IAU Working Groups normally handle this process, and their decisions primarily affect the professional astronomers.What follows is a partial list of instances of use of these planet names, but it is by no means exhaustive.

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The names of the major planets were already in common use when the IAU formed in 1919 (e.g.

scientifically, in professional and amateur astronomy literature, in nautical almanacs, etc.).

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Sometimes multi-word names are discouraged for this reason.

The purpose of nomenclature is to provide simple, clear, unambiguous names for features.

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The IAU formally recommends that the initial letters of the names of individual astronomical objects should be printed as capitals (see the IAU Style Manual, Trans. "The Earth's equator" and "Earth is a planet in the Solar System" are examples of correct spelling according to these rules.