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“It’s a stubborn, longtime hurdle to transgender acceptance and equality, a fundamental refusal to afford those people even basic grammatical dignity.” (The Post, Ms.Dewey’s employer, recently announced the term “they” would be included in its stylebook.)And yet the learning curve remains.

( “They” can be found in the works of literary greats like Chaucer and Jane Austen.) “But I think we’ve seen a lot of attention this year to people who are identifying out of the gender binary.”Gender binary: That’s the idea that there are two distinct genders, one male and one female, with nothing in between. flexible.“I think we, and particularly young people, increasingly view gender not as a given, but as a choice, not as a distinction between male and female, but as a spectrum, regardless of what’s ‘down there,’” said Julie Mencher, a psychotherapist in Northampton, Mass., who conducts school workshops on how to support transgender students.“Many claim that gender doesn’t even exist.”It does exist when it comes to language, though.(Another way of saying that a person was “assigned female at birth” — which does not necessarily make her a “chromosomal female” — is A. ” Jill Soloway, the creator of “Transparent,” said in a recent profile in The New Yorker, making the case for “they.”“It’s not intuitive at all,” her girlfriend, the lesbian poet Eileen Myles, said in the article. (At Columbia, that play has been replaced by a production called “Beyond Cis-terhood.”)Even the venerable NPR host Terry Gross has struggled with the language, repeatedly using the incorrect pronoun when interviewing Ms.That doesn’t even begin to delve into the debate about the evolving use of “woman” and “vagina” — or, as some prefer to call it, “internal genitalia” — which is perhaps a linguistic (and political) world unto its own. Soloway last season about her transgender father, upon whom the show is based.“I think there are a lot of people who want to do the right thing but are struggling to play catch-up with this new gender revolution,” said Ms.Feminism, says Sarah, has “made women feel like they should be able to enjoy themselves, to express themselves, but sometimes they don’t know how…

There’s a sense that you should go out there and ask for what you want, [and] a lot of women go YES! We have freedom, but we end up feeling bad because we don’t know what to do with [it]“ (emphasis added).Ejaculation and the single, explosive orgasm continue to be seen as emblematic of men’s superior sexual prowess.Penis-in-vagina intercourse is still considered the of sexual activity, while other methods of achieving sexual pleasure and orgasm are considered second-rate or viewed as not entirely “real” forms of sexual activity.WASHINGTON — What happens when 334 linguists, lexicographers, grammarians and etymologists gather in a stuffy lecture hall on a Friday night to debate the lexical trends of the year?They become the unlikely heroes of the new gender revolution.Despite Masters and Johnson’s groundbreaking research revealing that orgasm in both sexes is triggered by the same mechanism, the perception of women’s sexuality as less powerful, less compelling, and less profound than that of men is still almost universal.