Chantal obrian dating after the bachelor

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Was she able to taste the Crest teeth whitener Emily uses? Madison: I really wanna see what role she has in the “Smurfs” movie. Marissa: The instigator of the claw fight between Raichel “Boobs” Goodyear and Melissa “The Out of Work Waitress” Schreiber. Now she’s working in retail at the Northpark Mall here in Dallas.

I’m just shocked that a musician cheated on his girlfriend. I’ve been set up by people I know, then I did the online dating, so, I kind of exhausted all the avenues.” Hey Keltie, don’t forget about “tried the musician thing” before he showed his true colors and cheated on you. Musicians always seem to be so monogamous with their lifestyle of being on the road all the time and having women throw themselves at them. ” Not that any of them do, but c’mon, it’s obvious that Emily definitely doesn’t need this show for love. She’s also dated Dale Earnhardt Jr., some country singer Jerrod Niemann, and she also dated Jamie Lynn Sigler’s ex-fiance and New York restauranteur, Scott Sartiano. I honestly still don’t know where this fight even stemmed from? Did you see Brad’s face the whole time Melissa was talking to him outside? At least we know he didn’t waste his time with drama in the house. You know, I watch Emily on this show and yet again, I find myself asking, “What the hell is she doing on here? This girl needed to come on reality TV show to find a date? -The Melissa and Raichel bitchfest continued during the cocktail party. As much of a whack job as Melissa came across as last night, she probably did have the line of the night when she called Raichel an “energy suck”, although she did say it after admittedly eating four slices of onion pizza. I keep Corner Bakery, the Cotton Patch, and Subway in business.

I mean, they decided to give the rose to Emily, yet we never saw any footage of them talking to Emily.

It couldn’t possibly have been that stupid “did you tell Brad about how you told us you’d leave if you didn’t get alone time with him” comment that Marissa made was it? No one cries for that long over something that stupid. Braid is gunna think yer craaaaaazy.” The one good thing in all this, is Raichel knows she’s in the right and she’s not going anywhere. But the Lord doesn’t give a crap about what was on ABC last night. And considering neither of you got a rose, well, just shows the big guy also has an incredible sense of humor. As for why he even went over and talked to Raichel, who the hell knows? Ali and Roberto are here because, well, we need to shove them down your throats a little more.

Did they actually give the origin of why these two disliked each other so much? The Lord knows better.” Raichel, I hate to tell you this. If he could’ve sent Melissa home right then, he would’ve.

I’m not an attention whore like crazy ass Michelle.

-Brad pulls Emily aside to talk about how he can’t talk when he’s around her. It takes me a little while to open up.” Translation: You won’t see me spilling out of my shirt like Raichel or Alli.

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