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The embarrassment their stupid complains caused me to stay out of intimate situations with anyone who owns a penis.

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Our backpacks had to weigh at least a thousand pounds.It's the smell of an aroused female that really turns-me-on. And when I did manage to reach orgasm, he accused me of peeing on him!Why should I have expected him to know that female come (Or what every that hot oil is gushes out of my vagina during orgasm) "does not" smell or feel or taste, like pee?I felt the deep stirrings of arousal as I watched her soapy washcloth glide over her pussy lips. I could smell the earthy scent of her body, mixed with the light fragrance of her soap as we washed as much of our bodies as we could. I was actually holding my wet pussy lips with my fingers. So I said, "It's been a really long time since I've had any." "Yeah, me too." She said. By my count, she had rolled over at least ten times. I had my back to her when I felt her arm go around me. I also felt the points of her erect nipple poking my back. I was breathing hard from the excitement of being touch like this. I almost panicked because I didn't know how she would react to waking-up and finding her hand on my breast. She rolled my hard nipple between her fore finger and thumb.I had planned on sleeping in my panties and t-shirt. Debra started talking about how her boyfriend sucked her nipples while she was on top, fucking him. That's when her Mom yelled at us to stop talking and get some sleep. From the sound of her breathing, I thought that maybe, she had finally fallen asleep. She didn't open her eyes or say a word; she just squeezed my nipple between her fingers.We have over 13 years of personal experience in a healthy, loving and successful relationship.