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Evidently I hit a stick in just the right place and knocked the vent off the belt housing.

I thought we were going need a can opener to get his big ass out. I hate it when folks say one is the titz because that's the one they own and all others suck.

If you drive on gravel much, you're gonna replace axles.

Our experienced in-house creative and technical teams have in-depth event industry knowledge; making us the perfect partner for your live event.

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DEPRAVED Russian parents filmed themselves having sex in front of their three-year-old daughter.

Mum Yana Leonova, 23, and dad Nikolay Kostenevsky, 32, could face losing their parental rights after their sordid livestream recorded at their home in Yaroslavl home went viral.

Another drawback to the gator, which I've mentioned before, is that the seat is narrow. I expected to come back to a war on this thread, one reason I posted it in Honey Hole.

LOLI live, most of the time, with a bunch of ATV & Snowmobile Enthusiast in Alaska. Alaskan's upgrade to the best mods, put all the accesories on them, use them to function daily in the Bush..

Not the Big Red or Rhino, but the New Pioneer 700 - 4 and the New Viking. I've gotten along fine in a yellow volxwagon jeep type vehicle without doors or windows. Use it for showing off the land, dove hunting, hog hunting, etc. My suggestion is that you look for an old jeep and just tear out the doors if want to seat that many people. My dad and uncle beat it up pretty bad and it keeps going.

It has been run into by tractors, run into stumps, and even drowned a couple of times.

Dad Nikolay Kostenevsky, pictured left, with the mum of his child Yana Leonova, drinking what appears to be alcohol, before they live streamed their sex session in front of their three-year-old, also pictured The nine minute romp shows Yana adjusting the camera lens in the kitchen, before Nikolay appears, leaving the door wide open.