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Its so beautiful and subtle, I’m literally obsessed with this! I add the NYX NUDE liner to my bottom water line to help open up my eyes! I wear lash extensions therefore I don’t really put mascara because I don’t need it but I’ll add it to the bottom lashes to make my eyes look bigger! Above is normally how I do makeup, its easy and pretty natural looking, but because its the holidays, I added this beautiful vampy lipstick to finish it off!

Prime your face with (link below) to give you a smooth complex; apply it as if you’re applying moisturizer on to your face. The dampness will help apply it nicer and give you this dewey feel. I then dab on the BRIGHTENING POWDER to help set the concealer but also brighten up your under eyes! I use the HIGHLIGHTER to highlight all the places I want to pop, like my nose, cheek bones.You want to dab the product on your face not rub it. I do it before I add my bronzer and blush because i feel like it looks a bit more natural and subtle. Next, I add my bronzer on the corners of my forehead, cheeks and everywhere where the sun usually hits you. I don’t always try new, crazy make-up looks, but I’m definitely into makeup and trying more subtle little looks wether its fun glitter on my lids ( like this super cool glitter HERE) or adding a soft smudge smokey eye.My style in beauty looks is a bit more sweet & natural- good brows, lashes, rosy/bronzed cheeks and a rose pink lip, it’s my everyday look!However, when it comes to parties or fun dinners, I do spice things up!

Since we still have a week left of holidays while we gear up for NYE, I thought I’d share this easy, semi-glam look sharing my favorite products that I actually use on my everyday routine.ANASTASIA BROW POMADE EYEKO BROW GEL (MY GO-TO PRODUCT!) GEORGIO ARMANI FOUNDATION (BEST FOUNDATION I’VE TRIED!I have recently made a huge liquid lipstick haul but I’ll be saving that for another day and today I’ll be telling you why everyone needs a bit of Makeup Geek in their life.What I love about Makeup Geek is you can buy the individual pans and they are only £5 each (half the price of MAC! Over the years I have preferred to use palettes but there are always a shade or two that you won’t use so this is such a good way to build up your perfect palette.Amuro's habits indicate him being a 'nerd' in some ways.