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He seemed disappointed at first, but agreed to flirt with me for about an hour until my husband arrived.

"I'm sorry your plan didn't work, but I liked spending time with you." "I liked it too, John.

Thanks for being such a good sport." And with that I gave him another little hug.

His opening line aside, I found him to be intelligent, polite, and respectful.

He was also very graceful on the dance floor, which I was most thankful for!

Tom had selected the bar from the yellow pages, and it was pretty unremarkable.

As I walked in I noticed a lot of young men, so I guessed there must be a college near by. My scanning was subtle, but still it took me only about a minute to pick out the perfect man. After seeing him, Tom would never want to play this game again. "Hi, I'm Janet." He smiled back, looked me deep in the eye, and with a stunningly deep voice asked, "What can I do for you, Janet?Looking one last time in the mirror, I recognized that my Louboutin pumps matched my dress, the sole matched my lipstick, and the 4" heel matched my mood.Now all I needed was a compassionate stranger to bring my plan to completion. I arrived at the bar, parked out back, and walked around to the front door.Tom is a visual beast, and thrives on diversity, so I've developed a large wardrobe. I considered, and dismissed, many outfits prior to deciding on a tight-fitting black jersey fabric dress.The dress hugged my body perfectly, and showed off all 5'6" and 120 pounds of me.After a bit, we kind of laughed about it all and started to have a really nice time.