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The debate is part of a bigger fight over whether medieval studies should remain a fundamentally European field.

Even though Imus has returned to the airwaves, I hope that the controversy surrounding his comments has reset the boundaries for what passes as humor in the media when it is based on racist, sexist and homophobic attacks on women, women athletes or anyone targeted by so-called shock jocks.

Hats off to Vivian Stringer and the Rutgers team for responding to the comments and media frenzy surrounding them with class and sophistication.6.

Though the focus of outrage against Imus was on the racism and sexism embedded in his comments, they were also homophobic.

I wish this had received more attention in the reactions to Imus’ comments, but silence on this point makes it clear that we must do a better job helping folks make the connections between sexism and homophobia.

Arizona Western College is starting certificate programs in geospatial technology and unmanned aerial systems.

Loyola University Maryland is starting a master of arts in curriculum and instruction for social justice.The team, under new coach, Coquese Washington, deserves a fresh start and I wish them well in 2008. Ex-NBA player John Amaechi comes out: Because so few former male professional team sport athletes have come out (no active player has ever come out), this story got a lot of play in the media.Even though John was not a household name, his coming out brought important attention to homophobia in sport and he turned out to be a terrific, intelligent and willing spokesperson for social justice in sport.Though most people I know were disappointed that Portland was not fired as part of the settlement, it turns out that her tenure at Penn State would only last a few weeks longer anyway.The confidential settlement cost Penn State more than money.For her audacity, Vivas was harassed and discriminated against based on “perceived sexual orientation” and then fired.