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In certain sports such as racing, many contestants may compete, simultaneously or consecutively, with one winner; in others, the contest (a match) is between two sides, each attempting to exceed the other.Some sports allow a tie game; others provide tie-breaking methods to ensure one winner and one loser.

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While Arenui Anderson, a sophomore, hasn’t served a two-year religious mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he feels like he’s where he needs to be.

“I truly feel like my mission, in a sense, is being here and being in USGA and being friendly and making it better for everyone,” Anderson said.

“I don’t hold hands, I don’t kiss people, I don’t do any of those things because the honor code says that is against their standards and regulations,” said Aubree Lyman, a senior.

“I try to avoid having a whole lot of contact with women in general because I don’t want to have to deal with the dirty looks and the potential reporting of I am being inappropriate with someone because I tap on their shoulder to say hi.” In one instance, Lyman was in Clark’s room watching a movie when a roommate walked in and asked them to leave, stating it was inappropriate for them to be in Clark’s room together.

Homosexual behavior is inappropriate and violates the Honor Code. Clark, a freshman, but attending was also a spiritual decision.

Homosexual behavior includes not only sexual relations between members of the same sex, but all forms of physical intimacy that give expression to homosexual feelings.” At BYU, members of Understanding Same-Gender Attraction, an unofficial group of BYU students and faculty who aim to create discussion on same-gender attraction and LGBT issues, are commonly asked why they remain, or initially chose to be, students. “I fasted every Sunday before sending in my application and getting accepted,” Clark said.And a lot of comments also come from the LGBT community outside of BYU, from those who don’t know why the students still attend or remain in the LDS Church.“It is supposed to be the two more welcoming communities,” Clark said.“I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to believe that God wants gay people here,” said Adena Moulton, a senior.For students who aren’t out, leaving BYU would be the equivalent of outing themselves with their parents, or might be seen as leaving the LDS Church.“It just makes sense that they would be together.” But in order for them to see continual change at BYU and help shape the discussion around LGBT members of the LDS Church, students and issues, the students say they need to work from the inside, which requires staying. “In many ways, we are the pioneers of making the campus safe for LGBT people.