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“Before I even got to do a tattoo, I spent months making needles, building click chords from a nickel and a paper clip, cleaning tubes, making stencils, taking payments and selling tattoos.” And of the actual “bitch work”, Chris said that, “There was getting coffee, washing cars and picking up dates—all for Lou, none for myself.

But at the end of every night I got to be the 18-year-old kid who got to go to the coolest spots in the city and hang out with every club owner and hot models.

“When I met Lou, I showed him some of my sketches and he said, ‘Hey, why don’t you come back tomorrow, kid?

This Tattoo artist turned television personality and writer was born in Pittsburgh, a city in Pennsylvania.His mother was an artist at the Museum of Arts, there she was very much inspired by the artistic things and then she intends to develop his interest in art.That was the life.” Chris is also a judge on the Spike TV network's reality competition, "Ink Master", in which tattoo artists compete in challenges assessing their tattoo and related artistic skills.His relationship with the co-star in the show, ‘Miami Ink’ is not very good. Yoji Harada has been marriee to wife Bridget for some time and the couple have a daughter, Sydney, together.

But Darren Brass is married to his second wife Talea and they had their first son in February, 2008. Ami James has been married to his wife Jordan James since 2006 (so much for staying single and tats lasting longer than love XD) and on August 8, 2008 she gave birth to their first daughter- Shayli Haylen James, who is absolutely gorgeous.

Consequently, he took admission in Visual Arts Institute based in New York City.

All aspects of his life are very smooth as he was not involved in controversies.

Subsequently, he moved back to NY and attained the title of Best Tattoo Artists.

Ten years ago, he joined the Miami Ink tattoo parlor.

From this profession he earns a handsome amount of money. As mentioned earlier that apart from his profession he lives a simple private life.