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Since my aim is to share my plays with as many Christians as possible, I'm making them available for an affordable low price of just .70 each as a package.This is just to cover my time and energy in putting this website up. It is only for those who see the value in using drama as a vehicle to teach and spread God's messages in a sensible and engaging way...

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of people looking for Christian skits and plays on the internet, end up frustrated and annoyed from wasting time and money on skits that simply don't work!

And when they do find a skit that fits what they are looking for, it's usually If you have little or no experience putting on a Christian skit, then don't worry, you will be doing a skit written by a professional playwright with 20 years experience and who has personally tested each one herself!

They have also been audience tested and fine-tuned...

so you can be assured that they'll be well-received wherever you choose to perform them.

Tonight our lovely bachelorette, Doleen (cub scout dresses as a girl) will choose one lucky bachelor.

“Doleen” enjoys collecting Yugio cards, playing linebacker for the Sirens and building her upper body strength.

The question tonight folks…will Doleen pick bachelor #1, (Cole as the Cub Scout will rise and bow before the audience), bachelor #2 (Dustin as the businessman adjusts his glasses, straightens his tie and throws his shoulders back trying to look dignified), or bachelor #3 (Daniel acts too cool, brushes his hair back and gives the “hang loose” sign). Now Doleen ask your questions to our eligible bachelors. My first question to all of you is if I were stranded on a desert island, how would you save me? Doleen, if you were stranded on a desert island I would charter a plane to come pick you up- that is if I’m not in a meeting.

You see I’m a very important man and my schedule is usually booked.

Why waste time trying to work it out yourself when you can get this blue-print guide absolutely FREE! At just .70 per play and considering the time you save from not having to write your own play scripts from scratch...

this is a great investment you can make for your church, school or Christian organization. Download my scripts within the next 15 minutes and read them.

The plays all spread the Christian message of love, hope, forgiveness and 8 encouragement in a positive, engaging way.