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"I mean this is definitely an extension, what is it called? "Wayne and I are back together and so I figured it's time to get a new look from top to bottom."What does she mean by that? "Face down, ass up, it's time to get my butthole waxed," Christina says.

Christina's sister, Danielle Milian, goes with her to the appointment and actually helps wax Christina's butt! Christina Helps Dom Pick Out an Engagement Ring for Lizzy: While Lizzy's out of the house, Christina and Dom pick out an engagement ring for her.

In fact, other than an appearance at an award show, the couple's been kinda like a unicorn.

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"Christina then starts talking to Nicole about her relationship with Lil Wayne. " Nicole asks."Um, as much as we can," Christina says.

"No matter what like even when I'm with Wayne like I try to give 100 percent like, ‘This is what it would be like if we were together more.' The long distance thing works for me but at the same time I'm like OK I'm kinda ready for him to come out here.""Honestly how do you trust him when he's away?

When Nicole arrives at Christina's barbeque they start talking about how they make it work with their men."So how's it going, you being on the road, Larry in Tampa?

" Christina asks."Babe it's so hard," Nicole admits.

" Nicole asks."Just recently we went through something and it was kinda like, it was the first time that it actually really really hurt me this time," Christina says.

"It was a lie and it was with a girl, but it was really more about the lie."Christina then goes on to say that they've been working on their relationship and that "he realized I wasn't playing around this time."She also adds that "he wants to work it out."3.One Family Meal Leads to a Huge Argument: Danielle decides to cook a family meal so that everyone can get together and try to get along.But the plan doesn't work and an argument erupts between all of the family members.She wants to show off the store, but when she comes to visit the shop, it's still under construction."I thought we were supposed to be done today?" Christina says."It couldn't happen because of the floors," Christina's business partner Mykel tells her."Which I can't even see right now," Christina says."You can't see those and the stairs and the people that wanted to hang the pictures, they were gonna come yesterday and hang the mirrors and the sofa, but it wasn't able to happen because the floor and they don't work on Saturdays," Mykel explains."We're not ready," Christina says.Meanwhile, Dom and Richard are extremely angry at each other after their fight.