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I’m very turned on by the contrast in our bodies and find the “giving in to temptation” element – to food and sex – to be exciting.And I simply like the look of a fat, round, soft belly.’ Grace, 35, is a retired plus-size model and, like Heidi, she also admits to being a chubby chaser.

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Our fave ‘big’ name celebrities It seems Eminem has had too many M&Ms – he has reportedly ballooned in weight and is now a recluse.

The Gladiator days are long gone for Russell Crowe, while Leonardo Di Caprio has recently been sporting an unsightly muffin top on Californian beaches.

Complete and up-to-date bear run and bear bar listings.

Spot, all GROWLr members who use the app at your HOT!

Speak several languages and love to learn about different cultures.

Looking for single chasers aged from 30 to 55, not set in stone, though.

Married men, depending on the situation, can apply, too :) I would like to...

A list of words that start with Ch (words with the prefix Ch).

‘In developed countries, fat is associated with laziness and bigger people are often denigrated in society.

This makes these women the stronger, more accepted ones and challenges typical gender assumptions.

‘On a purely sexual level, I don’t find slender bodies very inviting.