Cllocationmanager not updating

If “request Always Authorization” was not commented out, it would still get ignored because the code runs from the top down, and the second request simply gets bypassed. At this point you should be prompted with an alert asking you to allow location services when the app is in use. If we click on “Allow” the status will change to “When In Use Allowed”.If “Don’t Allow” is touched our text field will indicate “Denied”.

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There are just a few simple steps to go through to get your app setup correctly. These are case sensitive and appear as a standard entry that you can select.Add both keys so you later have the option of calling either one.Additionally, if the user is prompted to allow location services only when the app is in use, and they agree, that setting is and cannot be changed from within the app.The user must make changes from the i Phone “Settings” app.k CLAuthorization Status Restricted User has “Location Services” turned off in “Settings”.

k CLAuthorization Status Denied User tapped “NO” or turned off in “Settings”.Then we call the type of authorization we want the user to approve. What’s important here is that once the type of authorization is set by the user, the only way to change it is to go to the “Settings” app of the i Phone.If the user does not allow location services, you must later explicitly check for this and then direct the user to the “Settings” app to change it.and update the text field when the status has changed.There are six authorization status attributes we can monitor: k CLAuthorization Status Not Determined User has not been asked to authorize location monitoring.Make sure everything is spelled correctly and has the correct “camel case”, otherwise the request for authorization will be ignored.