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Accentuated by an eighteen foot arched ceiling with exquisite oak trim and restored seventy-five year old hardwood floors, the main ballroom is the quintessential backdrop for your wedding reception, corporate or charity event, gala, and more.

This room also features a built-in stage, rigging and power on all oak beams, and integrated lighting / projection systems that can be customized for any event.

Over the last month I've received a dozen emails from women dating widowers that could have been carbon copies of each other.Their stories go something like this: I fell in love with a widower and things were going great until out of the blue he ended the relationship.I rushed into my first serious relationship after my first wife's death too quickly.There were a lot of relationship red flags I overlooked because I enjoyed the company.For most of us this was unexpectedly taken away from us and now we find ourselves missing not only the woman that has been part of our life for years but having regular, intimate moments with someone we love.

Our desire for physical intimacy is a big reason most of us get back into the dating game.Once there, however, we find it difficult to balance our need for intimacy with the ability to form a committed relationship.Forming a strong relationship with another woman is difficult and it's easy for us to fall into the trap of telling someone that we love them and want to be with them simply because they fill a hole in our heart and meet our physical needs.The twelve-foot arched ceiling, original hardwood floors, and private entrance provide unparalleled intimacy and charm.Members can reserve the parlor for their private and intimate gatherings.We do not charge a fee for the privilege of membership.