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So, if no type is provided, the function will search MX records for the given host.In our case, we need to look for MX records according to the host provided within the email address.Certainly, this should sound very familiar to most Web developers, whether they are setting up their first consciously-coded script or implementing full-blown applications required to handle more complex processes.

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$socket) $str = @fgets($socket, 515); // Clear response, get connected message and optionally verify it.fwrite($socket, ' HELLO \r\n'); $str = @fgets($socket, 515); // Clear response.To do this, we can use a couple of PHP lookup functions that come in handy for addressing these problems.The checkdnsrr() function checks DNS records corresponding to a given Internet host name or IP address.The third option involves writing our own set of functions for in-deep email address checking, which can be considered an intermediate solution between the two above described.

This approach is versatile and portable enough to be used whether we want to expand basic validating functions or add extra functionality to existing classes.

Many applications in the field of Web development need to validate email addresses.

While this can be done in a variety of ways, one simple but effective way involves writing your own functions in PHP. Within the huge and fascinating field of Web development, one of the most common tasks that many applications have to deal with is, undoubtedly, verifying whether a user email address is valid.

In order to check whether a user’s email address actually corresponds to a real domain, we should search for the proper domain records in the DNS.

By doing so, we’re making sure that the supplied email address belongs to an existing domain.

The first step to validating an email address is to check whether it is in the standard format.