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The conference proceedings will focus on common risk factors and systemic gaps in policies, training and resources that are related to domestic homicides. While in this position, she investigated many family related criminal cases, to include, child sexual abuse, violations of court orders and stalking.The ultimate goal of this work is to prevent domestic violence and save lives lost to these tragedies. She also conducted follow-up investigations on domestic assault arrests made by uniform patrol.These conferences have passed, however, we feel it is important to create awareness and inform communities of the types of conferences and topics available to enhance the focus of reducing crime by preventing and understanding domestic violence. She is an elected member of the Institute of Medicine and the American Academy of Nursing and on the Boards of Directors of the Family Violence Prevention Fund and the House of Ruth Battered Women’s Shelter, and was a member of the congressionally appointed US Department of Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence. Anderson joined the Vermont Police Academy in March of 2000 as the Family Violence Training Coordinator.

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You can also review our calendar on this website for other important dates and events.The Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project holds many trainings and presentations that you may find useful.Participants left the workshop with an understanding of how to implement a threat assessment team for their specific environment.This workshop began with a general overview to assist participants in understanding the experience and motivations of adolescents who intentionally injure themselves.TJ is certified by the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council to train law enforcement officers on how to properly respond to domestic violence incidents and has trained officers statewide.

She has publicly spoken on the subject of domestic violence statewide, in Russia and in Canada.This workshop provided a communication and decision-making model to help businesses, schools, organizations and communities become proactive in their management of threats.Strategies to help you identify, assess, and manage individuals who make threats will be explored.This conference information is made available for your information to your service or organization to gain awareness on what types of training can be done to help stop violence against women The four conferences listed encourage a coordinated response and early intervention. Helene Berman Jackie Campbell Valerie Campbell Jane Coombe Jocelyn Coupal|Dr. In October 1994 she was selected to be the department's first Child Abuse and Family Violence Investigator.The Conference is intended to enhance networking and partnerships amongst social science researchers, policy makers and practitioners (coroners, medical examiners, police, crown attorneys, anti-violence community agencies) in their review of domestic homicides across Canadian provinces and territories. This was a position she held until she left the department.She has delivered training and train-the-trainer initiatives for children's mental health practitioners, professionals who work to stop violence against women, early childhood educators, and youth justice audiences among others.