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The idea is to connect with the person and then the looks!

"Add your Twitter-like fact & discover people by personality first, looks second.

The downside of Happn, however, is that not many people use it even though it is growing quickly.

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To those poor single people who end up creating such said online profile by the peer pressures of living in a couple's society , they may start to think there really is an entire sea on their lap to explore, with bountiful opportunities to meet many fine men and women.But the grim reality is that instead of finding friendships and the true love of his/her life, here you are bound to find Plenty of: Freaks Land Whales Defiant Single Moms Gold Diggers Scam Artists Trannys Felons Wanna-be Country Folk Sluts (with sky high standards) Cougars Moochers Pretenders Abs Mirror Selfies Drug Addicts Perverts Man Haters Mind Players ETC, ETC.....Guy Friend: "So have you been seeing anybody recently? Not really." Guy's Girlfriend: "We're a little concerned for you, being alone all the time. Asides from all the catfish and predators, that website is full of amphibians and the last thing anybody wants to date is a toad with polliwogs!!!You are such a great catch, you could join Plenty of Fishto find yourself a lucky lady :)" You: "Seriously?!? But just like with humans, they still need the right chemistry.” Iraola also mentioned that the first meeting between the penguins went well and that the animals were taking well to each other.

Spruce’s dating profile on Plenty of Fish said “Single Penguin looking for Chicks” and had a short “About Me” section listing his favourite things, which included swimming and seafood.

A bachelor penguin who was added to online dating platform Plenty of Fish has found a female mate from Belgium after a six week campaign.

Staff at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park in the UK took to Plenty of Fish to make an online dating profile for Spruce, after failing to find a mate from other Sea Life centres.

The main causes of the penguins’ decline are climate change, habitat destruction, overfishing of the fish they eat and nest destruction due to commercial guano harvesting.

And after receiving coverage in the press, Spruce’s story was spotted by an aquarium in Blankenberge, Belgium.

So unless you want to go down shit creek without a paddle, DO NOT give into your couple friend's suggestions to join Plenty of Fish.