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Other important factors are considered visit at Honors Recognition. To ensure admission consideration for the fall quarter, students should be sure to file their application by November 30 of the prior year.Graduates of the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences go on to pursue a variety of careers in both industry and academia in the areas of cutting-edge technology, science and business. The selection criteria include grades, test scores, and other considerations. Business Information Management Computer Game Science Computer Science Computer Science and Engineering Data Science Informatics Software Engineering NOTE TO TRANSFER APPLICANTS: These majors require a series of lower-division courses, and prerequisites constrain the order in which they can be taken.

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The School’s three departments — Computer Science, Informatics, and Statistics — fuel a wide range of instructional and research efforts, including: design of algorithms and data structures; computer architecture and embedded computer systems; networked and distributed systems; systems software; social and mobile computing; artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining; computer games and virtual worlds; databases and information retrieval; computer graphics and visualization; bioinformatics, computational biology and genomics; computer-supported cooperative work, human-centered computing and human-computer interaction; security and privacy; software engineering; managerial and social aspects of computing technology; and statistics.

The vibrant ICS community continues to explore innovative topics ranging from building complete computer systems on chips smaller than a human fingernail to developing user-interface systems that allow workers on opposite sides of the world to collaborate effectively.

The basis of the undergraduate programs are a set of fundamental courses in mathematics and computer science, supplemented by general education courses from other academic disciplines. Students interested in changing their major to one offered by the School should contact the ICS Student Affairs Office for more information and assistance.

A premium is placed on both communication and quantitative skills. Information is also available at the UCI Change of Major Criteria website.

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In the process, students work with state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies, and learn several contemporary programming languages. Visit the ICS Student Affairs Office website for Majors and Minors restrictions.

All students should check the Double Major Restrictions Chart and view our information page on double majoring to see what degree programs are eligible for double majoring.

The School’s stand-alone structure, as opposed to being part of an engineering school, enables the faculty to take the broadest possible view of computer science and information technology.

This breadth is reflected in the diverse set of academic degree options for undergraduate and graduate students, some of which are interdisciplinary and jointly administered with other academic units.

With the goal of solving real-world problems with a global impact, ICS graduates find limitless opportunities as leaders in virtually every domain—from aerospace, automotive, biomedical, business information management, consumer products, cybersecurity, data science, engineering, entertainment, environmental, finance, gaming, national defense, pharmacology, and software engineering. Junior-level transfer students who must complete a significant part of this sequence may find that it will take longer than two years at UCI to complete their degree.