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Stylus Studio is the only XML IDE to provide seamless integration with the Apache Xerces processor.In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use the Xerces XML processor to parse and validate XML documents in Stylus Studio.The Error Handler used for the examples is a very simple one which reports the error to and continues until the XML document has been fully parsed or until a fatal-error has been reported.

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i.e if read 2nd time from same input stream in single operation then 2nd call will get this exception.

Also make sure to close input stream in finally block or something like that. While upgrading Eclispe we ran into the usual trouble, and Android must have been checked into SVN by the build script after being clobbered.

When you click on the validate button, a list of available validating XML parsers will appear on a list.

Scroll down and select the Xerces-J 2.5.1 button — Stylus Studio will invoke the Xerces processor to perform the desired XML parsing and validation operations.

Provide a metadata record that is formatted as indented text, XML, or SGML.

Results will show discrepancies between the structure of your metadata record and the expectation of the FGDC metadata standard (FGDC-STD-001-1998) and will show several potentially useful re-expressions of the metadata record itself.This is the reason why (most of the) XML parser implementations do not support XML Namespaces by default, to handle the validation of XML documents with namespaces correctly it is therefore necessary to configure the underlying parsers to provide support for XML Namespaces.) as defined below has been used in the code examples to validate the input document.Supports HTML5, SVG 1.1, Math ML 3.0, ITS 2.0, RDFa Lite 1.1. There is no change in XML as well as Java parsing code. On the subsequent read by using the same stream you'll get this error.Xerces is an open source, high performance XML parser component developed by the Apache XML Project, widely used by the XML development community.