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Discuss other topics and a single steamy night of passion might be more likely.Let's review a few examples of discussions that will get your date thinking along the lines of "love" or "lust"...If a woman is ALREADY feeling safe and attracted to you, then you can be direct.

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Did everyone fail to even comprehend my question or did that fact somehow never reach people in the way that it never reached me?Or have people conveyed this reality well enough but I just never understood? First, it is indeed next to impossible to get a straight answer out of the "average" person about love and sex.Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Have you ever been on a date that wasn't quite going in the direction you intended?Perhaps you were looking for a long-term marriage partner and your date was sizing you up as a short-term sex partner? Perhaps, you were in the market for the one-night stand, "hooking up", or friends-with-benefits, and your date was not on the same page?In other words, they are interested in casual sex under certain circumstances. When they FEEL safe and sexually turned on, THEN about 40% will agree to casual sex.

Given all of that, you have a choice with how to respond.

Cognitions (thoughts) of Love take place in the abstract and the future.

So, to call upon that construal level, get your dating partners to discuss some of the following: The mind is flexible, but it also has set "tracks" of thinking.

If you have experienced this dating disconnect, you're not alone.

Conveying and interpreting the meaning of a "first date" can be difficult.

Sex, in contrast, is considered on a more concrete level, in the here-and-now.