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Normally we will start your claim from the Monday after we receive your application form or letter.

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The rules for backdating vary depending on age and circumstance: You can claim for a backdated period if: , from the date we receive your request, if you can give good reason why you did not apply sooner.The good reason must apply over the full period for which you want backdating.Not knowing about Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support is not normally a good reason for backdating.We look at each backdating request individually, and decide whether you have shown good cause for delaying your claim.It may be possible for a Housing Benefit claim and/or Council Tax Support application to start from an earlier date, this is known as backdating.

A request for backdating must be completed in writing or online and include the date the customer wishes the claim to start and the reason for the delay in submitting the form.Telephone: 03 Email: [email protected] Please quote your benefit claim reference in all correspondence – your claim reference is either an 8 digit number starting with 900, or a 5 digit number.You can find it on any letter we’ve sent about your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support.The maximum period a claim for Council Tax Support can be backdated is 6 months.Claimants who have reached the qualifying age for state pension credit The maximum period Pension Credit age customers Housing Benefit claim and/or Council Tax Support can be backdated is 3 months. Good cause usually falls into four categories: As well as 'good cause' the benefit unit takes some regard to all the circumstances (including the customers state of heath and the information which they might have obtained) that would have caused a person of their age and experience to act (or fail to act) as the customer did.If we send you an application form we will allow you one calendar month to complete and return it.