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The electricity company detected that a large amount of electricity was disappearing.

Since there was no simple answer to account for the problem, the company had no choice but to track the problem down.

I have no idea how to explain the hypocrisy inherent to my interest in this story.

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I suppose the idea was if they needed to leave fast, they could crawl into the ceiling, kick the ladder away, replace the concealed entrance, and sneak away. In addition to the secret entrance and the secret escape hatch, there were surveillance cameras everywhere to warn the people inside of snoopers.

With such a sophisticated and well-hidden operation, surely you wonder I wondered the same thing.

Drunk and flirtatious family members, demanding bridesmaids, controlling and critical mother-in-laws are some of the worst guests.

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5 I opened the morning paper to discover that one of my SSQQ dance students had been arrested.

Goodness gracious, he had been busted for operating a pot farm!

The American Dream -- when did it become about owning a home? " Not only did he coin the term but he somehow managed to convince us we could have that dream.

A dream that we all grew up Your wedding day has finally come, but you can't shake the nervousness of unpredictable guest behavior.

For a while, I wondered why the articles were so were vague when discussing how the police tracked Fred down.

After all, the same stories gave a thorough description of Fred's punishment.

Using two rooms, our clever crooks were able to generate 12 to 14 crops a year. The email contained these fascinating pictures, but had no explanation attached.