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Use the button to compress & encrypt RPT files into RPZ files.

When adding a report to the grid, Data Link Viewer populates the title and subject columns automatically if it finds that information in the summary information for the report.You set that information for the file in Crystal (under the file, Summary Information menu).Data Link Viewer also prompts for (and remembers) the user choice of after-export action: This can also be controlled via a global setting under the Options dialog: If you have Outlook as an email client, you can instruct Data Link Viewer to start a new email message and attach the exported file by adding the following sections to the Data Link_file (located from the Version info button).First, indicate what reports are targets for email-after-export action using this section: Double-clicking the row.The preview window looks similar to the preview window in Crystal except for a few enhancements: The export button "remembers" the last export format and file destination you used for each report.

If this is the first time you are exporting a report, the export format and folder will default to those used in the last export.

See the section on "Protecting Report Designs with Files" for more detail on this feature.

Use the button to access a dialog with Version (and system) information.

Data Link Viewer provides several useful features such as command line API (allowing you to schedule printing and trigger viewing of reports from your application, task scheduler, batch files, or desktop shortcuts), an intuitive Grid for organizing and selecting previously opened reports, reduced login frustrations via integrated authentication, choice of alternative data sources, selective parameter refresh, dynamic and cascading parameters even for versions prior to XI, auto-refresh, user-based row-level security, and more...

The exe file you downloaded self-extracts to 2 files: a and an msi file.

Use the button to access a dialog for setting various options.