Cvs repository error validating location cannot access local

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to resolve this problem? I have it working be honest, I forgot what I did exactly to get it to work... I think I started over from scratch..installed all that I could through Eclipse's Software Updates.

cvs repository error validating location cannot access local-26

Currently I'm busy at work developping applications though.. Currently I'm busy at work developping applications though.. It works perfect with authentication : D much better than using a svn ssh connection to make it safe for remote users.

I can access the svn from this url now : https://myserver/svn/projectx It also seems that I got the websvn working now. That way you can use htpasswd command to create hashed passwords that can be used in svn access.

Tip2 - SSL access # Create ssl certificate # certificate will be stored at /etc/apache2/ssl sudo apache2-ssl-certificate # Copy conf file for ssl sudo cp /usr/share/apache2/config/default-443 /etc/apache2/sites-available First conf file for port 80 # Edit conf file sudo vim /etc/apache2/sites-available/default -- #Comment following and set proper one # Name Virtual Host * Name Virtual Host *:80 # Ok then conf file for port 443 (ssl) sudo vim /etc/apache2/sites-available/default-443 -- # Find the following lines and comment out and set the appropriate ones # SSLCertificate File /etc/apache2/sites/:: SERVERNAME::SSLCertificate File /etc/apache2/ssl/# SSLCertificate Key File /etc/apache2/sites/:: SERVERNAME::SSLCertificate Key File /etc/apache2/ssl/# Server Admin :: SERVERADMIN:: Server Admin Cavalierski # Server Name :: SERVERNAME:: Server Name Document Root /var/vhosts/:: VHOSTNAME::/htdocs-443 Document Root /var/www # # Error Log /var/vhosts/:: VHOSTNAME::/logs/error.log-443 Error Log /var/log/apache2/error.log-443 # Custom Log /var/vhosts/:: VHOSTNAME::/logs/access.log-443 combined Custom Log /var/log/apache2/error.log-443 combined # I deleted the cgi lines as I don't need them. -- # Enable ssl module sudo a2enmod ssl # Enable ssl config sudo a2ensite default-443 # Open the port for ssl sudo vim /etc/apache2/# Add the following line Listen 443 Then reload the setting. # You can deploy your repository folder wherever you want. sudo mkdir -p /var/local/svn/projectx sudo svnadmin create /var/local/svn/projectx sudo chown -R username:usergroup /var/local/svn/projectx Step3: Set configuration for subversion server cd /var/local/svn/projectx/conf sudo gedit -- [general] anon-access = read auth-access = write password-db = passwd # This refer to passwd file in the same folder realm =Cavalier Repository -- Ok then set the authentication for the access to the subversion server. However it shouldn't be a big problem I guess to use root account this time, shoud it? If you use the name svn instead of svnserve then you don't need to edit your /etc/services file as svn is already in there with the appropriate port number. IMHO, it is better to use javasvn than the javahl: it can be configured in Windows|Preferences (and then choose settings for subclipse). svnserve -d should preferably be run with a -r as well, to specify the repository-root clearly; and to have consistent behaviour irrespective of which directory you were in when you ran this command. Where possible, even if access to a repository has been granted using svn:// and file:///, then file:/// should be preferred over svn://, which should be preferred over purely from a performance point of view.

In the same folder there is already the file named "passwd", all you need to do is edit this plain text file. Just a couple of notes while following this: - I had to run svnadmin with sudo - the path for the xinetd svnserve conf file was "/etc/xinetd.d" (on my box anyway) - the second "server" is supposed to be "server_args" I think on a personal opinion note, I question whether the user should be 'root'. I too created a svn system user (no home created) and did a chown on the repository directory. Ok, I'll update the first post with this info, thanx.

[Client - Eclipse with plugin] Assume that you have already installed eclipse & j2sdk1.5-sun.

If you face problem starting up the eclipse you can find the answer in this forum. Just for the instant check cd /etc/eclipse cat java_home If you don't see /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun/ commented out in the first line, modify it. ubuntu% cat java_home # This file determines the search order the Eclipse Platform uses to find a # compatible JAVA_HOME.

Then I did sudo apt-get install libsvn-javahl I restarted eclipse and tried to view the subversion perspective and eclipse crashed. Here is a link to the error log: seem to be having the same problem as Innova -- maybe something has broken recently in the repository.

I tried the suggestion by Nicky726 - but this isn't really a solution, subclipse doesn't crash, but it also doesn't seem to have all the functionality.

At work I long before made the subversion server using webdav solution on Debian (Power Edge1850) using basic authentication SSL.

It works pretty fine at least for 6 months I never reboot the server:) I enrich the first post about the basic authentication ssl over webdav subversion server.

For webdav it seems you need a http connection and a web server.