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Also, will you be doing anymore of the gay/bi encouragement/training captions?I LOVE those.12787I think my favorite part of this is the mention of an inoculation to the virus so I could inoculate myself and them pretty much throw myself to the horde to be gangbanged with no worries about being transformed.I really really dislike/ working on pussies, and I think I've only decensored and redrawn them less than like, 20 times ever.12711Heyho.

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Requests are also still closed since I already have thousands of images that I really want to work on.Caption requests for specific images are still okay, but please suggest a few lines of text or dialogue that you might like to see to help me get started.I don't know how much fun it would be but I hope it is to someone's liking, and feedback would be very welcome!12711Glad to see some more slobs, I really love those!But still with the armpit and pubic hair of course. Sweat/pussy juice (or synonyms for that) for cum for example, maybe both.

And something else for "Sissy-kun" if you don't mind. v=KMVfn Iht WD0 It's video about a futanari angel that is 'ordered' to fuck her summoner, but pretty much ends up raping him instead and she's been blue balled for millennia! Hopefully others will enjoy it too.12787Thanks Elzi!12734Elzi, I'm in the urgent need of much more urethral insertion content...And by the way, if it doesn't bother you that much, would there be any way of making a shemale edit of this picture?I'm going to begin enforcing rule #5 more strictly.Any image that's in very poor quality (something that's laughably bad, shitposting nonwithstanding) will be deleted. Minus doesn't seem to work anymore and all my galleries are empty now so I'll just be sticking to Mega and and 8 chan's /d/ section for new captions especially.I think in the wrong state of mind because I just couldn't make it work, so I gave up on that and I hope it's okay that I just used a solid colour for it all.12731Thank you but mmm, sorry I really do not understand... I think Ubanis has drawn lots more involving her, but I would need to decensor them first, and I just don't know if I'll be able to caption them since it all depends on my mood at the time.