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Detectives then secured the necessary search warrants, and the suspect was interviewed at Dallas Police Headquarters.

Daniels admitted he turned a blind eye to these activities.He could have ended some of their illegal or criminal activities on his system, but he didn’t, nor did he report it to the proper authorities.Transcripts of online conversations are archived in order to be used as evidence at trial.If a suspect attempts to set up a meeting with an individual he or she believes to be a minor, law enforcement will stakeout the agreed upon meeting place and photographically record the suspect's arrival.In most cases, an online conversation begins innocently but may eventually turn sexual in nature.

Sometimes, pornographic pictures are exchanged after one person requests them or indicates an interest in sending them.Daniels further admitted that on several occasions he gave advice to co-conspirator Matthew Weigman about swatting and how it was done.In fact, Daniels is aware that Weigman, relying on his advice, made swatting calls directed at a location in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2006.The suspect drove to a residential street near the intersection of Lake June Road and North Prairie Creek Road and sexually assaulted the female.At some point during the assault the suspect claimed he was either a Dallas officer or a Dallas County officer. Gonzalez is not a suspect in any other offenses that have been reported to Dallas Police. Lindsay to serve a total of 84 months in federal prison, following his guilty plea in March 2016 to federal charges filed in 2011 in the Northern District of Texas regarding a “swatting conspiracy” and a federal charge filed in the Northern District of Georgia stemming from his resisting arrest in Conyers, Georgia, in early February 2015. “Swatting” refers to falsely reporting an emergency to a police department to cause a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) response to a physical address, or making a false report to elicit an emergency response by other first responders to a specific physical address.