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Data Grid View dgv = sender as Data Grid View; Data Grid View Cell cell = dgv. Row Index Data Grid View Combo Box Columnに設定すると全行に反映。 Data Grid View Combo Box Cellに設定すると行ごとに反映可能。 int row Index = 0; int cell Index = 0; Data Grid View Combo Box Cell dgv = (Data Grid View Combo Box Cell)data Grid View1.

Text = (from Data Grid View Row row in data Grid View1.

I know I can do a string.replace to remove the "\r\n" but I cannot catch it in the correct event.

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Cell Parsing: It occurs when the user leaves edit mode, regardless of whether the value of the current cell has been modified.Cell Validating: it occurs after the cell has finished validating.When you display data entry functionality to users, you frequently have to validate the data entered into your form. You can validate data by handling the xref: System. In this walkthrough, you will retrieve rows from the column and tries to leave the cell, the xref: System.

In order to complete this walkthrough, you will need: This application gives you a basic understanding of the xref: System. I have trued calling the Update(), Update Cell(column, row)..."The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years.This is due to the requirement that a combo box cells value must be in the items collection or else a Data Error event is raised.The appropriate place to add the value to the items collection is in the Cell Validating event handler.Thanks, Rajni Shekhar I fill the information in the Datagridview from Folder, Folder contains File Name, File Size, File Path. S Validating is used when you want to validate any value like value must be integer.