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He put a radar gun on them, and most threw 52 to 54 mph -- decent NFL speed. He and Tamara -- they'd been dating since high school -- had a daughter named Taylar the summer after Lorenzen's junior year at UK.

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He's a Super Bowl champion, a cult hero, a father of two. HIS MOTHER HAD four children, and every one was more than 10 pounds at birth. "If you're going to talk s--- like that, who are you to me?Jared, born in Covington, Kentucky, on Valentine's Day 1981, was the oldest and biggest -- 13 pounds, 3 ounces. "HE REDSHIRTED HIS first year at Kentucky, and that's when his stomach turned into a gut.He was so sure he'd get cut that he didn't report to training camp. He drove 12 hours to camp in Albany, New York, so homesick he cried the whole way. He was the third-string quarterback that first year, then Eli's main backup in 2006 and '07.His career stats aren't much: 4-for-8 passing for 28 yards, two carries for four yards.Weigh-in day would come and he'd put on extra shirts and sweatpants and take off running. His mom remembers when Jared was 4 and he plopped down in the middle of the soccer field and started crying because there was too much running in soccer. In practice, he'd drop to one knee at midfield and throw at the goalpost until he hit the crossbar.

Mumme remembers holding a camp in Lexington for some of the top college quarterbacks in the country.

But he was there on the sideline for Super Bowl XLII when the Giants beat the 18-0 Patriots in the David Tyree game.

Lorenzen still has a bag of confetti from the field.

He and I agree that we can't be grown men until we are not such overgrown men. I can walk, but it's like whoop, it inflates right away. Yeah, it inflates because I probably have more weight on it than I should, and I need to lose the weight.

Well, in order to lose the weight, I have to be able to work out.

"Except for the visual picture of it, he was a good prospect," Steinberg says. At first he resisted signing with the Giants -- they had just cut the deal that got them Eli Manning, the first pick in that year's draft.