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In Ecuador civil union couples are legally recognized as a family and share all the same rights of married heterosexual couples.When this writer visited San Juan several years ago I was introduced to dancers from the Ballet de San Juan company, which is a serious and skilled dance company.

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Most of these people are out and accepted by their friends and family although a few are harassed, bullied and occasionally injured. Those with strong self-confidence are amused and talk back to their offenders but, sadly and commonly, many LGBT people fear coming out and are urged to marry and have kids in order to fit in with family and religious expectations to avoid suspicion. This leads to the reality that in Puerto Rico there are various degrees of sexual behavior; closeted gays married to women are engaged in bisexuality.

Bisexuality also varies according to circumstances such as straight people living in institutions like schools, prisons or military troops where same-sex contact is more occasional and less commital.

The island was originally populated by indigenous aboriginal Taínos.

However all that changed when Christopher Columbus presumptuously decided the place should belong to Spain, in 1493.

Often a male poseur (rent-boy or gay-for-pay or taxi boy) will be more assertive and inviting toward his targeted visitor, certainly more overt than the usual ‘look’ often associated with casual cruising.

It should be added, however, that erotic fantasies often translate into less than fun times: in a recent study, “some women did not have a satisfying sex experience.Said one, the average West Indian man’s “understanding of good sex is restricted to painful banging”.As well, women of the Caribbean are speaking more openly now of their partners’ insensitivity and ignorance.” So, a good endowment does not ensure good quality.Gay marriage exists in Puerto Rico due to Federal Court rulings that the 2015 US Supreme Court decision also applies to Puerto Rico.Even before the ruling there awere thousands of LGBT couples living as domestic partners without interference from authorities or, for the most part, from neighbors or families.Regardless of cultural or racial affiliations, LGBT natives are naturally everywhere in the Caribbean.