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Lord Robb Stark must honor his promise to Lord Walder Frey the same day he passes through The Twins much to his reluctance. I'm really nervous but I will try my best to give you a good story.-Joffrey Baratheon is killed during the riots at King's Landing. When Laura's mom dies, her dad becomes the very evil that she has to destroy so how are the Mikealsons involved?

But little does he know his bride is a hidden Targaryen. In response, Tywin Lannister rides into the heart of the northern camp to strike a deal with Robb Stark. Well for one, they turn a broken girl into a powerful being that deeply loves them.

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Set during season 3Hook/OC - When Emma and Mary Margaret enter the Enchanted Forest they stumble across one Captain Hook, though he isn't quite alone. When Annabellas parents dies, she's shipped off to live with her aunt in Texas and her husband. Godricx OCKlaus/OC—"Oh, you may dislike me, love, but that doesn't stop you from ending up in my bed whenever you're feeling a bit lonely." Skylar Salvatore, feeling rejected because of her family's focus on their rivalry over Elena, ends up finding comfort in their enemy: Klaus Mikaelson. Since Amelia was little, all she wanted to do was sing with the angels who kept her safe.

In his company they find a young woman to whom he's given his heart, a woman that radiates innocence, yet has startling ties to the darkest of magic-users and a rather strong desire to return with them to Storybrooke. Laila Stark is the second daughter born to Eddard and Cateyln Stark. It's all duct tape and safety pins - we're only gonna be "together" for a short time! When she overhears about a Vampire in the basement she can't help but let her curiosity over rule her. She has a secret of her own, that not even her family knew. What if the Kingslayer came across a beautiful young handmaiden during his stay at Harrenhal who made him question whether he wanted to return to King's Landing, and more importantly, to his beloved Cersei? Her Godfather didn't understand, so Dean helped her keep it hidden. It is the early 1700s, Scotland, Seventeen year old Mirrin Stewart, daughter of Lord Advocate, law enforcer Sir James Stewart who has a shaken past and family serects.

Compared to her sisters Laila is timid and quite girl who loves to sing and play the harp, but all of that changes when the game starts and Laila is left all alone trying to find her family. AU a/n: just to note that i did do the artwork for the corver, who ever did i love it and i love you! So MAYBE I told my grandma that I was married when, in fact, I'm not! The following story is a reimagining of events taken place during Jaime Lannister's stay at Harrenhal with Roose Bolton, and beyond. Then, when home for spring break, she meets an angel in a trench coat and now he's all she hears. What will happen when the first sired vampire in history comes to the city in pursuit of getting those secrets?

Lucien/OC—"You made my heart skip a beat, and nothing's been the same since." When Lucien comes to New Orleans, searching for his old friend, he meets a young woman who he's instantly drawn to. So MAYBE the only person she'd believe I'm "married" to is the Winter Soldier. Kol is still mourning over Davina's death at his own hands. Will he get what he wants of will the hopeless romantic fall?

When met with a powerful enemy that threatens the Mikaelsons, can Nik learn to trust her father or will she have to seek her own salvation from the evil around her?

Jaime marries Ned Stark's daughter upon the king's command.Imprisoned in Winterfell, she encounters Jon Snow, now king of the north, who plans to use her as a hostage in exchange for the life of his captive sister Arya. According to Kol, love doesn't exist, and family is full of betrayals. And if it's wrong, then he maybe doesn't want it to be right.But when things do not go as planned, will Myrcella become another victim of vengeance..something else? Laura Celine Bellerose comes from a lineage of Naturalists. They are beings that can control nature to protect nature from evil.As the name indicates, this tends to be the gender dynamic of a male hero and a female villain.A female hero and a male villain is far rarer, but not unheard of (speculation as to why this gender dynamic occurs can be found on the Analysis page).When the hero of the show and one of the antagonists have a romantic tone right out in the open, as opposed to Foe Romance Subtext.