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Our friends made jokes about Borat, but the country and the women were a mystery.

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The women were alluring and exotic and the danger had a certain intrigue element.In the end, we decided to stay and enjoy the fruits of this isolated, anything goes country.Many of the best attractions lay outside of Almaty itself, but below are some ideas for things to see within the cities limits: The nature that surrounds Almaty is all reachable by vehicle, or by hiring a private/shared taxi.Uber and Yandex Taxi are solid options for finding transportation, but be sure to confirm with the driver first and ensure that they know where they are heading.Almaty itself is a very soviet style city, with a feeling very similar to that of what you will find in Yerevan, Armenia.

Kazakhstan is very diverse, with everything from lakes, canyons, to mountain ranges.Kazakhstan is the pearl of Central Asia – pristine nature and beautiful Kazakh women mixed with Asian and Russian blood await those who are willing to make the long and tedious journey.Kazakhstan’s close proximity to it’s neighboring countries provides easy access to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and China.We even saw one dude carrying a Samurai sword on the street. They do random traffic stops and look for excuses to intimidate a bribe from you. Out of our crew, two of us were arrested for bogus reasons and had to go the route of a bribe to avoid and further complications.Several times during the trip we asked ourselves if it was worth it.Be sure to first confirm with the driver when getting in to the taxi, that they are willing to take you to the further away distance to where you’d like to go.