Dating and friendship in libya quicken memorized payee not updating

Distance is required when speaking to other people, especially when you are talking with someone of the opposite gender. Libyans usually make eye contact as a sign of paying attention and respect to the speaker.When speaking with the opposite sex, continuous eye contact is not recommended either for a Libyan or a foreigner.

When talking to a woman try keeping a greater gap between you and her (unless you are a woman, of course).If you are a woman, then a Libyan man will normally keep his distance while talking to you.Sabrata and Liptes) are topics that could be also be discussed.Talking about your own country might be of interest to some people.Shaking hands is the mostly used and acceptable physical contact in Libya.

Other contacts may be used in case of a close relationship.When meeting someone for the first time I always shake hands only; I will not try to touch them in any other way (pat in the back or shoulder, for instance) unless they intiate.I would say that for gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice, if you keep your own style (like when you are in Canada) it will be fine.Politics because most people would welcome a political change in the country but they do not feel comfortable talking about that in public.If you find yourself alone with your host (like in a car for instance) you may try asking such questions if you feel comfortable enough.If they have kids, you should ask questions about them. Work related discussions should not be too long especially if it is a non-related work meeting. Religion because if you start on that subject, certain Libyans might just decide to try to convert you!