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The name Excelsior has always caused a little confusion for some folks, at least when applied to motorcycle history.

This configuration has the inlet valve located in the cylinder head, but the exhaust valve was located in the cylinder (side valve style).

Final drive was via a leather belt to the rear wheel.

It took another six years (1911) before the Schwinn Company completed the purchase of Excelsior for 0,000.

Interestingly, 1911 was also the year another motorcycle manufacturer, that would become synonymous with the Schwinn company, made their first motorcycle.

Ignaz Schwinn's company had been producing cycles for some time, but the downturn in cycle sales around 1905 (due in part to the popularity of motorcycles) forced him to look at other markets.

However, instead of designing and manufacturing their own products, the Schwinn company decided to make an offer to buy Excelsior Motorcycles.

This milestone was achieved on a board track at Playa del Ray California.

This record helped the Henderson company boost sales in the US and also to export machines to England, Japan, and Australia.

Bennett rode a Henderson De Lux from Canada to Mexico in 1923 and set a record of 42 hours 24 minutes.

He then added a sidecar and passenger - Ray Smith - and rode back to Canada breaking the sidecar record.

Excelsior motorcycle production started at Randolph Street in Chicago in 1905.