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It may chance to save your throat from being cut, or (at least) your Pocket from being pickt.I have not only retain'd, but very much augmented the num∣ber of Old Words. (as he saies express∣ly) shunn'd them, because they grew obsolete; yet doubtless their use is very great: not only for the unfolding those Authors that did use them, but also for giving a great deal of light to o∣ther words that are still in use.

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Should extrajudicial actions fail to result in payment of the claim, we will, with your prior consent, take appropriate legal action, and initiate legal proceedings.When litigating we will endeavor to keep the necessary costs charged to your account to a bare minimum.Thus we should fill one another with Confusion and Barba∣rity, were it not for some such faithful Interpreter as is here pre∣sented to the Prince of Isles. Suppose you want the meaning of they are not in the Common herd; where will you look them? Some that pretend to correction and exactness, transcribe out of others (hand over head) their very faults and all. And a thousand more such, which simple Children would be apt to contradict, but Men of Judgement (for whom they were not writ) know where the mistake might lie.Yet sure 't would have made his worship smile, to have readd, how that So many there are of this Nature and so gross, that (let the reason be what it will) they are altogether intolerable.If any would have the proper Names, Terms of Law, Navigati∣on (or any other Art) by themselves, they may go through the whole and (with delight and profit) reduce them all to their par∣ticular Heads. Therefore you will often meet with words explain'd in their dependance and re∣lat—.

Poetical expressions may be allowed to Poetical Relations and Fictions; yet here and there I give a hint, to let you know, that I take them not for real verities.Those that I call Old Words are generally such as occurr in And whosoever has a mind, instead of them (or other vulgar terms) to use expressions that are more polite; he sees what words are markt for Latin, Greek or French, and may himself make such Collections as will be far more advantageous, than if they had been gathered to his hand.Finally, that I might be the more comprehensive (for here is very much in very little room) I have signified the derivation of the words from their several Originals, and the Names of the Coun∣ties in which they are used, by one or two of their initial letters; the meaning of which is exprest in the following Table.As a Dutch law firm, Blenheim also acts in matters of debt recovery.We are able to pursue debtors in The Netherlands quickly and efficiently to ensure a maximum return at a minimum cost to the creditor.TOGETHER WITH The Etymological Derivation of them from their proper Fountains, whether Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, or any other Language.