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“I love working at UNT because I not only get to work alongside wonderful and talented faculty and staff, but I also have the opportunity to interact with TAMS and Honors College students and alumni.Located nearby Wrigley Field, Wiggly Field Dog Park is a half-acre canine recreation and exercise facility with areas for both small and large dogs.They live just outside of Denton along with their three cats, three dogs and five chickens.

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The building also houses the Denton County Office of History of Culture which features a variety of exhibits and extensive local collections.

Opened in 2005, Banter is a local restaurant and music venue popular among local residents.

After meeting Jon, learning about the atmosphere at UNT and hearing great things about the students, faculty and staff, Miranda decided she also wanted to work at the university.

She accepted a position as the Alumni Relations Coordinator and Marketing Specialist for TAMS and the Honors College on Jan. “I love the camaraderie that UNT has and I wanted to be a part of that,” Miranda says.

Almost immediately after graduating in 2012 with a degree in Psychology, Wood started working at the university full time in the office of Admissions.

The next year Quintero and his dog, Raiden, made the move to Denton and he joined the UNT Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science staff while he completed a bachelor’s degree in Engineering at UNT.She’s married to Julian Quintero, a Senior Web Developer and Programmer in University Relations, Communications and Marketing. At the time, Wood was a UNT Mc Nair Scholar and Quintero was an Embry Riddle Mc Nair Scholar living in Daytona Beach, Fla.After the two met, they continued to make time for one another in a long distance relationship, flying back and forth between Florida and Texas, for a year.The stock for the store comes mostly from members of the community selling their media items for cash or store credits.The Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum was originally built in 1896 and currently serves as its own landmark monument.After five years in Colorado and after they each finished their terminal degrees -- a doctoral degree for Morrissey in Communication Studies, specializing in rhetoric and a master’s of fine arts degree for Aglio in Writing and Poetics -- Morrissey was offered a tenure-track position at UNT to teach rhetoric in the Communication Studies Department, so the couple decided to move once more.