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The wine bottle corkscrew is designed to break the seal between the bottle and cork without damaging the glass bottle.

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Feel free to drop by and have a look and put your own wine bottle corkscrew to use.

Did you know that there was so much history behind wine bottle corkscrews?

The exact inventor of the corkscrew is unknown, but it is largely believed to have derived from a similar device that would remove bullets stuck in rifles. From to the mid-1900s, several different types of bottle corkscrews were patented in several countries in Europe and North America.

However, the first known patent on the corkscrew dates back to 1795 by a Samuel Henshall of England. Carl Wienke of Germany invented the single-level corkscrew, nicknamed “The Butler’s Friend,” and is one of the more well-known and still exists today.

We all are familiar with the wine bottle corkscrew.

Those funny-looking but handy metal tools that help us defeat the final barrier between us and a bottle of wine.(Sales begins at 1.00 p.m EST) Next Corkscrew Auction Auction # 26 Opens for new listings October 19, 2018 Opens For Viewing & Bidding November 2, 2018 Auction Dates Sale 26a, November 10, 2018 Sale 26b, November 11, 2018 We look forward to your participation. No part of this web page may be reproduced in any way, or by any means, without the prior written permission of ICCAuctions Collector Corkscrews.Herewith, our favorite corkscrews for style, efficiency, and even a few laughs.Laguiole Sommelier Wine Key Photo Courtesy of Laguiole A Laguiole Sommelier Wine Key is an elegant classic that comes in a range of different handles including exotic hardwoods, horn, carbon fiber, and patterned acrylic. Brass Corkscrew II is a beautifully considered corkscrew for the most discerning wine drinker.Some ladies wear full stockings and some wear knee socks, revealing their fleshy thighs. The brass handles turn to ease the steel helix into the cork and to remove the cork from the bottle effortlessly.