Dating divorce laws minnesota

(Minnesota Statutes - Chapters: 518.06, 158.13) Respondent.

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(Minnesota Statutes - Chapters: 518.07, 518.09) The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage must declare the appropriate Minnesota grounds upon which the dissolution of marriage is being sought.

The appropriate lawful ground will be that which the parties agree upon and can substantiate, or that which the filing spouse desires to prove to the court.

Where the court finds that one spouse’s resources or property are inadequate, and in addition to awarding marital property, the court may apportion up to one-half of the non-marital property of the opposing spouse in order to prevent an unfair hardship on one spouse.

This overview of property division in a Minnesota divorce proceeding is meant to provide you with a working knowledge of how courts approach the division of property in a divorce proceeding.

Under Minnesota law, the valuation date is presumed to be the initially scheduled prehearing settlement conference.

This valuation date may be changed however if a different date is agreed upon by the parties, or the court makes specific findings that another date of valuation is fair and equitable.Under Minnesota law, courts have wide discretion in determining how the marital estate is divided and every case is different.You should consult an experienced family law attorney if you have questions or concerns about the division of property in your divorce proceeding.When a couple determines that it is time to end their marriage, what should be the easiest part of the divorce process can, and often does, turn into one of the most contentious: the division of marital assets and property.Parties will often spend thousands of dollars on attorney fees arguing over personal property ranging from big ticket items such as retirement assets or real property all the way to the seemingly less consequential items like furniture and DVD collections.Prior to opening his own firm, Zach clerked for the Honorable Tammi A.