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She called it off due to what she said was her not being ready to commit.

We are still friends and I call her every now and then.

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The TS is unlikely to identify with female Marines, Abrams tank drivers and fighter jet pilots. But the man who can appreciate her femaleness, accept and love her is in for a huge benefit. The TS's often have a better understanding of what men want, a better grip on how to be female. Some gay men accuse transgendered women as being unable to decide what they want. If there is no sex then I don't mind because I will have got to know a very cool lady.

He will be on the receiving end of a whole lot of attention, affection, and desire to please. Although transgendered and gay communities ally themselves for political purposes, they otherwise have little in common. I will remember what you wrote so I will not act like a fool and ask her about sex all the time and respect her as a true woman.

She craves to be treated like any other woman, but she fully expects her date to ask inappropriate sex- and TS-related questions, because it happens all the time. She responds as a woman, therefore she regards herself as a woman. The pre-op TS will often adopt an image that is clearly, unmistakably feminine as she seeks to define herself as a woman. Interestingly enough, this approach to pleasing a man and adopting a feminine appearance is rather sadly lacking today among genetic women. I am actually going on a date with a very classy TS next week.

But being female for her is likely a whole lot more difficult than it is for the GG. Imagine how men she meets react when she tells them she is a TS who hasn't had the sex change. Probably she will not care to dress in a way that could be construed as masculine. The TS wants to immerse herself into something warmly and clearly feminine, which accounts for the clearly feminine clothing and heels. Finding a man who will accept her as a woman with a dick is very difficult indeed. When my girlfriend and I go off to the movies or a restaurant, she is almost always the only female in the place in a blouse and skirt, or a dress -- and both the men and women notice her. They want their women to dress in a more feminine manner too, and it isn't happening for them. A TS is very likely looking for a straight man, for it is a man who will make her feel like the woman she is, which is something to which most any GG can attest. There is often friction between the transgendered and gay communities. I hope to take her to a very nice dinner and just enjoy her company.

I personally have given up ever meeting online or in the GLBT bars around town.

And with my own surgery this week, hopefully I can meet someone just living my life."I do think you're right, we tend to be a better partner and understand the men's issues better.

His girl will probably go all out to look very desirable. For those men who find themselves attracted to a pre-op TS but wary of the prospect of sex, here's a solution. I'm sure any guy thinking of sex with a pre-op transsexual woman has quickly inventoried all the places he can stick his cock. And a TS with the sensibilities of a genetic woman is very unlikely to want to fuck a guy in the ass or stuff it down his throat anyway, so a straight guy need not be concerned about it. Thanks and I will tell you how the date went." -from a man."That was one of the most awesome articles I have read.

Assuming that guy has read the earlier remarks in Section 2, then the solution is to think of having sex with a TS as just a plumbing issue. The guy has a girlfriend with a simple plumbing issue. I myself have limited experience in this matter, I have only dated one, and it didn't last very long.

We also tend to be as feminine as we can be, a result of going through this process.

Thank you." -from a TS woman."Hi, that's very good.

Offer her flowers What genetic females will appreciate, so will the TS. Chances are excellent she will resent being treated as a curiosity. Get past the plumbing issues and think in terms of her femininity.