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We don't want to replace the sides or force solutions on them.

There is an agreement that in light of the stalemate it is important to create conditions to bolster trust and renew negotiations.

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Selskapene i Elnett Gruppen utfører elektrotekniske entrepriser og serviceoppdrag innenfor de aller fleste markedssegmenter slik som skip, noe offshore, samferdsel, havbruk, landbruk, industri, næringsbygg og bolig.

Mange av medlemsbedriftene utfører også betydelige leveranser av automasjonsløsninger både for industri og bolig samt sikkerhetsløsninger, velferdsteknologi og Smarthusløsninger.

Alle er aktører med lang erfaring og betydelig elektroteknisk kompetanse.

Tilsammen dekker vi mesteparten av Norge gjennom morselskapene, datterselskap og avdelinger på i alt 75 lokasjoner.

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ELNET provides a platform for engagement for those who wish to bring transformation through one or more of these areas.

Relationships between leading European and Israeli decision-makers—policymakers, policy advisers, government officials, experts, researchers, journalists, and academics—and between European citizens and their elected officials Only the sides can make peace, but we have to help them.

To calculate, start with total shares outstanding and subtract the number of restricted shares.

Restricted stock typically is that issued to company insiders with limits on when it may be traded.

It networks leaders from government, CEOs of corporates and business, academia, civil society, etc. We seek to engage, develop, multiply and synergize Christ-centered leaders of integrity to transform every sector of society.