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These individuals have no idea who they are, who they want to be, or who they should be. One moment they are charitable and kind and the next moment they can become cold and unmoved by others’ suffering.

They walk around taking bits and pieces of everyone else’s character for themselves.

An emotionally needy narcissistic personality can be hurtful to those around him or her in more ways than a “typical narcissistic person.” Perhaps the reason for this involves the fact that the person doesn’t appear arrogant at first glance, but rather, compassionate and caring. But we should also aim to protect ourselves if we know the person to be careless with others’ feelings.

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They see themselves in a better light than they actually are.It has been my experience in clinical psychotherapy that an emotionally needy narcissist often presents differently than other narcissists.The person might also only seek companionship with people who are in higher positions than them or in similar positions with a powerful background.There is often no foundation for their level of high-mindedness. If you have answered with yes, then this post is extremely important for you.

Meaning that he cannot be happy or feel satisfied unless he is with you!?You can Google “fashion” and find random people (who aren’t “celebrities”) modeling different things or creating videos with tips on how to look more attractive.It is even more disturbing to recognize just how vain and narcissistic our youths are becoming in today’s society.It is almost impossible to discuss the topic of narcissism without being compared to the 200,000 articles online that addresses this topic.The topic of sociopathy and narcissism are by far the most popular topics on the web to date. Because so many of us live, work, or exist with a narcissist at one point in our lives.What you must understand is that not every narcissistic person is the same.