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The big names on the scene (for those who prefer the integrity of good dance music to the common denominator of mainstream chart rubbish) are Piekarnia, Opera, Platinium, Balsam, Klubo Kawiarnia, Enclawa, Rich & Pretty and The Eve.

Piekarnia has been a staple fave of the scene for several years now, and although there's no cool status awards for having been there these days, it's still a reliable performer.

Most sensible people would agree that the prelude to any good night clubbing out starts at a bar.

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You're more likely to get in by knowing the barstaff than wearing your best Armani shirt - which is surely a good thing - and the funky music and atmosphere is hard to beat.

Finally no Warsaw night out is complete without calling in on The Eve on the way home.

She had successfully sabotaged the wedding, but Sadie's actions were going to cost her dearly.

Charity decided to wage war against her nemesis by sleeping with Jimmy and videotaping the whole event.

Opera is a great club that is in the cellars of the National Opera of The Grand Theatre.

Enjoy its oriental style and long red brick corridors and hidden rooms.

There are of course many who would say that it's not that appealing when drunk, in which case the bar takes on an added import as the sole focus of your night.

But whether you're dropping by simply for the sake of oiling up, or because you intend to make yourself part of the furniture, we can strongly recommend you checking out the likes of Mono Bar, Paparazzi, Lemon Cafe and Sheesha when in Warsaw.

Mono Bar is on Mazowiecka along with loads of other bars and clubs, including Rich & Pretty, Zoo, Enclawa and Paparazzi.

Mono Bar's core sound is 70's and 80's and they also have jam sessions and concerts.

Lemon Cafe meanwhile is a bit more laid-back and can be low-key or loud depending on the crowd, whilst Paparazzi is reliably packed with girls fresh from the casting couch of the latest Bond movie.