Dating fernandes guitars

Because in my opinion they are the best high quality LP´s you can by today, without getting ruined.Off course there are the Tokai´s and Grecos´s, but when you compare features and prices, you will find, that you will get much more for your money when buying a Burny.The FLG 240 was a special order handbuild guitar with one piece body, one piece neck and solid flamed top, finished in nitro with Duncan 59 pickups and high quality nickel hardware.

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I honestly have no idea what kind of model it is I dont see the slightest hint at a model number on this guitar.

All it has is a serial number which is: 036055and made in japan.

The older ones are just ok, on par with many MIJ Greco’s, Yamahas and Ibanez’s from the same period.

As you can see from the pictures there is no Les Paul or Super Grade script on the headstock of the Tokai/Burny FLG-60.

In the 1980 Fernandes catalogue there was only 3 Les Pauls, the FLG 240 , the FLG 150 and the FLG 90 , no Customs no Juniors .

These Les Pauls are in my opinion among the bests ever produced in Japan.Thinks changed in 1978/79, where some Fernandes/Burnys where made by Tokai.In the 1978 catalogue you can still find a Burny FLG-60 with Les Paul script and with Burny and not Tokai features, so something happened in 1978, because there is, as far as I know, no 1979 catalogue, and the only Burny from 1979, I know of, is the Tokai made FLG-60 similar to a Tokai LS-60 “Reborn Old”.I have noticed, that in the last year prices have gone up a lot.A year ago on E-bay you could easily buy a plaintop 1983-85 RLG 50 for 350-400 $, today they sell for 700-800 $ and if you want to by one from a dealer in Europe, You will have to pay 800-900 $.I have owned original 62 Stratocasters and an original 1959 sunburst Les Paul flametop.